Arts Centre Melbourne

The Arts Centre, on St Kilda Road over Princes Bridge from Flinders Street Station, consists of two main buildings – Hamer Hall and the Theatres Building, with its distinctive lattice spire intended to resemble a ballerina’s tutu. The Theatres Building plunges six levels below St Kilda Road and includes three theatres: the State Theatre, with seating for 2000 and a venue for opera, ballets and musicals; the Playhouse, for drama; and the Fairfax Studio, a smaller drama venue.

If you are not heading to a concert or a theatre show, you can still visit Gallery 1, also under the spire. This is the main exhibition space for the Performing Arts Collection, which preserves a variety of Australian performing-arts memorabilia. 100 St Kilda Rd; (03) 9281 8000; open 8am–end of last performance daily; admission free.

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