Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Snug in your beds in a little historic cottage, you listen to the wind howling and waves crashing  outside. The adjacent lighthouse sends out its warning beacon to ships, just as it has for 150 years. In  the morning, the sun sparkles. Heady with excitement and sea air, your kids scurry along the boardwalk to the tip of Cape Schanck. After splashing in the rockpools, searching for starfish and sea  slugs, it’s time to climb the lighthouse for dramatic views of the rugged coastline below.

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420 Cape Schanck Rd, Cape Schanck; 1300 885 259

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Don't Miss

■ The lighthouse museum with displays about the history of different lighting techniques used in  lighthouses. The Cape Schanck Lighthouse still has some original mechanisms.

■ Fingal Picnic Area, 2 kilometres north of the cape. It has electric barbecues, toilets, tables, a games  area and walking tracks (steep in places) leading to spectacular views of basalt cliffs and Fingal Beach (exposed at low tide).
■ Magnificent coastal scenic views from the Bushrangers Bay track (from the eastern carpark); the full  return walk takes about two hours, but you could do an abbreviated version if necessary.

Fabulous Facts

Despite many shipping disasters along the northern coast of Bass Strait in the early 1800s, government bureaucrats were reluctant to finance the building of lighthouses, claiming the shipwrecks  were due to poor judgement on the part of ships’ captains. Eventually, lighthouses were built, and  Cape Schanck started operating in 1859. Nowadays, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are reducing  the need for many traditional lighthouses.

Insider Tips

■ Accommodation at Cape Schanck is available in the assistant keepers’ cottages.

■ You can take a self-guided tour of the lighthouse, or guided tours are available on request.
■ The boardwalk is accessed by a short track from the lighthouse kiosk. Warning: waves can wash over the rocks.
■ You can download a brochure with a map of walking tracks and facilities from the Parks Victoria  website; keep to the tracks to avoid damaging fragile coastal vegetation.
■ The lighthouse has a kiosk and toilets.
■ Find out more about the history and construction of the lighthouse at

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