Brass Razu Wine Bar

Brass Razu’s patrons have a lot of fun amid the baroque, old-world decor of leather banquettes, velvet couches and chandeliers. Ask for a Long Island iced tea and the five-white-spirits cocktail arrives in a lovely silver teapot on a tray. Tennis anyone? Pimm’s fruit cup comes in a gold-etched jug – again on a tray. Essentially a traditional European-style wine bar, food was originally a secondary consideration here but it has proved so popular it now takes near equal billing. You might like to accompany one of up to 24 wines available by the glass with French-style pâtés and terrines, gourmet pies such as rabbit and prune or duck, French-style sausages, gourmet pizza – even a platter called Love Thy Neighbour from the Afghan restaurant next door.

Contact information

13 Main St; (03) 5975 0108; open Tues–Sun for lunch and dinner


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