Diving and snorkelling along the Mornington Peninsula

There are some superb shore dives off the Mornington Peninsula, particularly around the piers at Rye, Portsea and Mornington, where you will see seahorses, stingrays, octopus, weedy sea dragons, corals and sponges. Aquatic Adventures at Rye are part of the flotilla of dive shops that will hire gear, offer advice and organise boat dives. Also in the area is Bayplay Adventure Tours, at Blairgowrie, who place an emphasis on educating clients about the marine environment during snorkelling and dive excursions in which you will see weedy sea dragons, sea stars, octopus, crabs and other creatures. South of Wonthaggi, Bunurong Marine Park also offers plenty of underwater fun, including snorkelling at The Caves and scuba diving at Shack Bay.

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