Swim with dolphins, Sorrento

In the warmer six months of the year, the eco-accredited Moonraker Charters will help you get in the water, swimming alongside Australian fur-seals and bottlenose dolphins. Of course, swimming is not compulsory on the three-hour tour that leaves from Sorrento, and from the vessel you will see seals, dolphins and Australasian gannets.

The guides at Polperro Dolphin Swims are activists who have supported dolphin research and campaigned for marine national parks, regulatory reform and marine education. Displaying great environmental sensitivity, the company runs bay tours out of Sorrento from October to April, teaching people about the bay and its species. Seal swims are often part of the trips too.

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Moonraker Charters: (03) 5984 4211 or 0419 205 060


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