25 Mile Creek camping area (bush camping, upper section)

Dogs allowed Dry weather access Free No rubbish disposal Vehicle-based camping Wood fireplace Fishing

This is the end of the road as far as camping in the upper part of the Big River State Forest is concerned. It’s the furthest you’ll get from Marysville and still be able to pitch a tent. There’s only 4WD access north of 25 Mile Creek; conventional vehicles can follow the enigmatic Big River no further.


Who to contact: DSE 13 6186

This campsite is located in Big River State Forest

An expansive forest blankets the hills and gullies surrounding Big River as it wriggles down from Lake Eildon past the Yarra Ranges. This rugged area was the setting for 19th-century goldmining exploits, and now it’s popular with bushwalkers, anglers and 4WD enthusiasts. Access the river’s upper reaches via Big River State Forest Rd just east of Cumberland Junction, 19 km east of Marysville down the Marysville–Woods Point Rd; its lower reaches are accessed via the Eildon–Jamieson Rd or Big River State Forest Rd. Note: the Big River camping areas are usually very popular during holiday periods; you can’t book any of the sites in advance, so you should try to arrive early to claim one.

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