Moleside Camp (walk-in camping)

Drinking water Free No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Picnic area Toilets Wood fireplace Canoeing Fishing Hiking trails Swimming Walking trails

Moleside Camp is 22 km west of Fitzroy Camp and 17 km east of Battersbys Camp. The trail to Moleside crosses into Lower Glenelg National Park, where it passes the Inkpot, a mysteriously black waterhole whose colouring is due to decayed vegetation. Another way to get here is by canoe along the Glenelg River.


How to book: advance bookings and permits required for all sites in Lower Glenelg National Park; Parks Victoria 13 1963; or Nelson Visitor Information Centre (08) 8738 405; (08) 8738 4171 for Princess Margaret Rose Caves

This campsite is located in Great South West Walk

This outstanding 250 km hike heads inland from Portland and makes its way through dense forests and across languid rivers to Nelson, before looping back to Portland along the beautifully rough limestone coast. Walkers should register the details of their trip with either the Portland Visitor Information Centre or the local police; they must also sign out once they’ve finished the walk. Note: carry some water as supplies at the campsites aren’t always reliable.

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