Fishing off the pier at Lorne, Steve Cooper

On the way into Lorne is a popular ledge known as Jump Rock. It consistently produces salmon, silver trevally, barracouta, pinkies and mullet. The drive into Lorne will also take you across the Erskine River, a small estuary known to produce mullet, bream and estuary perch.

However, Lorne is best known for pier fishing. Pier fishing has always been popular among Victorian anglers and Lorne pier is one of the standout destinations in terms of consistent results. Sometimes it suffers from being too popular, so on weekends and during holiday periods it can be hopeless. If you want to fish the end of the pier during school holidays when the salmon, silver trevally, garfish, squid, pinkies or barracouta are running, get down on Tuesday; and hopefully by Saturday you might be where you want to be.

The good news for anglers is that a new purpose-built pier, with angling in mind, opened in 2007. It is the best fishing structure I have come across in Australia and is worth every cent that was spent. The new pier is the same length (196 m) and width as the old pier, but the end flares out, with stepped-down fishing platforms complete with built-in rod holders. This provides a selection of vantage points and levels, and means pedestrians no longer have to step over fishing rods (or get in the way) of anglers. Most importantly, there is more room for anglers.

The best time to fish the pier is after a strong blow from the east. When the seas are up and waves are pounding the reef, this pier can be exceptional for the salmon that hunt under the cover of white water.

There is no boat ramp at Lorne but anglers with small boats launch in a sandy strip in the Point Grey reef on the west side of the pier.

Artillery Rocks, between Jamieson and Wye rivers, is a popular ledge where anglers catch salmon, barracouta, silver trevally, King George whiting and pinkies. This is one of the safest ledges along this road and access is easy via a staircase. Further along, ledges at Boggaly Creek and Skenes Creek, just before Apollo Bay, offer good fishing for garfish and mullet.

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