Pines Landing camping area

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Pines Landing is usually the first overnight stop for the adventurous canoeists who drift down the Glenelg River from Dartmoor on the first leg of their trip through the national park. There’s also vehicle access via Hedditch Track, which branches off Nelson–Winnap Rd. For views, drive a short distance south to Jones Lookout.


How to book: advance bookings and permits required for all sites in Lower Glenelg National Park; Parks Victoria 13 1963; or Nelson Visitor Information Centre (08) 8738 405; (08) 8738 4171 for Princess Margaret Rose Caves

This campsite is located in Lower Glenelg National Park

The centrepiece of this lush national park is the tranquil Glenelg River. Just before reaching Discovery Bay, the river washes through a spectacular limestone gorge, while the stalactites glowing in the depths of Princess Margaret Rose Cave provide more evidence of the river’s erosive powers. Besides hiking along part of the Great South West Walk, intrepid visitors can paddle across the park in canoes. To reach the river’s southern shore, take Glenelg Dr, signposted 2 km north of Nelson; for the northern shore, head south of Dartmoor on Wanwin Rd for 15 km and turn onto River Fire Line Track.

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