Western Shore

Western Shore's Cunningham pier, Steve Cooper

Taking a southerly route around the bay from the lagoon you pass a large industrial and waterfront area. The next fishable water from shore is North Shore rocks, just outside the entrance to Corio Quay. During winter, snapper that have remained in the bay tend to congregate along the western shore and these rocks are popular for that reason. Land-based anglers don’t have the mobility of boaters, but they still catch snapper.

Some other land-based spots worth fishing include St Helens boat harbour rock wall, Griffin gully jetty, Cunningham Pier and Limeburners Point breakwater on the southern shore. Cunningham Pier is particularly popular. It is privately owned and fishing hours are restricted, but you can drive your car on the pier and fish next to it.

In winter, boating anglers chasing snapper work along the western shore, from the entrance to Corio Quay, past St Helens, along Western Beach and between the Geelong Yacht Club marina and Cunningham Pier. Boat ramps are located at St Helens and Limeburners Point.

From spring to autumn, snapper can be caught along the channel edges and in the ‘Paddock’, on the east side of the shipping channel. Snapper sometimes need a trigger to start feeding: a strong blow from the east that stirs up the water, or full or new moon phases. The prime time to fish is generally an hour each side of a tide change.

Nearby Fishing Spots

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