Point Henry

The Alcoa Pier at Point Henry, Steve Cooper

Point Henry is a sand spit point on the southern shore of Corio Bay and is the demarcation between the inner and outer harbours. It is distinctive in that there is a large aluminium smelter and a long pier used to unload raw alumina for the factory. The pier is officially unavailable to anglers although every now and again you spy an angler fishing there (usually an employee of Alcoa I’m told).

Anglers are able to launch small boats on the eastern side of the sand spit. Take care to check the shell grit is firm before you drive on it. Launching and retrieving boats is generally best at high tide. On low tide, anglers with small boats sometimes unhook their trailers and take them to their boats, pulling boat and trailer from the water with a towrope.

During summer, anglers trolling garfish alongside the pier sometimes hook yellowtail kingfish to about 6 kg. Other species caught near the pier include salmon, silver trevally, trevalla, flathead and snapper. The grounds surrounding the pier are the most productive.

On the northern side, seagrass beds run out to the Wilson Spit Channel and these produce King George whiting, garfish, flathead and snook. Many anglers fish along the edges of both sides of the Wilson Spit Channel for snapper. On the northern side of this channel are some productive whiting areas in about 5 m of water.

Anglers fishing for snapper on the southern side of the shipping channel often anchor near the ship-turning basin out from the end of the pier. Alternatively, on the south-east side of the structure towards the Curlewis Bank, there are seagrass beds and an old spoil ground. This is a favourite area for anglers working soft plastic lures for snapper, rock flathead and snook.

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