Swan Bay

Garfish caught at Swan Bay, Steve Cooper

Swan Bay is a small offshoot of Port Phillip Bay. The southern extremity is marked by the Queenscliff marina, the northern extremity by Edwards Point. A large portion of the bay is designated a marine park and off-limits to anglers, but enough fishing water remains to make it worthwhile. The marine park boundaries are easy to follow. Don’t fish anywhere west of the Queenscliff boat ramp at the southern end of the bay. At the top end of Swan Bay, a series of orange poles on the west side of the channel, well inside the bay, delineate the park boundary.

The main area of Swan Bay is between Point Edwards and Swan Island. Relatively shallow, it has earned a reputation for yank flathead to about 4 kg, whiting, snook, garfish and salmon in the warmer months. It is also a  top gummy shark fishery.

The main navigation channel runs between Duck Island and Point Edwards, north-west of the Coles Channel Beacon. A short channel runs in close along the east face of Duck Island. Many anglers know of its existence, but few fish it as access means navigating a shallow sandbar. It is worth the effort because the channel has produced gummy sharks and flathead, as well as the occasional mulloway and snapper.

The main channel continues into the bay past Duck Island to the Swan Bay jetty, which is a popular fishing haunt for all of the species mentioned.

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