Feral Brewing Company

Based in the Swan Valley, Feral Brewing produces a range of sometimes challenging beers that are served on tap at their bar/restaurant (and a handful of other outlets), plus their flagship bottled product Feral White, which is distributed nationally. Rather than playing it safe with the likes of a lager, White is a bold interpretation of the Belgian wit bier style, with dried orange peel and coriander seed added to the brewing kettle during the boil. While the Feral Pilsner, German Red and Monty’s Mild are reasonably straightforward styles, most other beers on offer at the Swan Valley bar pack plenty of flavour. ‘When we established Feral Brewing we wanted to push the boundaries in developing great tasting, flavoursome beers,’ says co-founder and head brewer Brendan Varis. ‘Unlike bigger breweries, we don’t have economies of scale in production, so we made a conscious decision to go for uncompromising flavour.’ Even the moderately alcoholic Farmhouse Ale (4.3% abv) positively zings with spice notes, courtesy of the ginger, orange peel, coriander and Thai palm sugar that are used. Other house beers that tend towards extremes include Hophog (US-style IPA), Rust (Belgian abbey ale), Razorback (a barley wine), Tusk (Imperial IPA) and Feral White Special Reserve (a version of their flagship wit bier, which features crushed cardamom pods and undergoes a lengthy maturation). It’s unlikely a beer lover would ever be bored by the flavour-packed line-up at Feral and there’s always something new on tap at the venue, which sits adjacent to Lamont Vineyard.

House Style

The flavoursome Feral White carries the flag but brewer Varis knocks out an impressive range of extreme beer styles above the core range.

Signature Beer

Feral White

Behind the Label

While Feral White’s main label is reasonably conservative, with the primary name standing out in capitals, the neck label features a cartoonish wild pig. Feral by name but not by nature, because wild or ‘feral’ yeasts are the last thing a brewer wants getting into his precious amber nectar. But Varis’s philosophy is that Aussie beers have been ‘domesticated’ for far too long, hence – ‘undomesticated yet sophisticated’ is the brewery’s motto. In 2007 Feral White won gold medals at both the Australian International Beer Awards and at the Royal Perth Beer Show.

Contact Information

152 Haddrill Road, Baskerville 6056 Tours by appointment; bar; restaurant; takeaway sales


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