90-Mile Straight near Balladonia, Australian Geographic

Balladonia lies on the Eyre Highway on the western edge of the Nullarbor Plain. Its closest towns are Norseman, 174 kilometres to the west, and Caiguna, 176 kilometres to the east. This arid desert shrubland is one of the world's oldest landscapes, containing seashells millions of years old from when the area was ocean floor. Balladonia made world headlines in 1979 when space debris from NASA's Skylab landed 40 kilometres east on Woorlba Station.

Visitor Information

Balladonia Roadhouse, Eyre Hwy; (08) 9039 3453

Nearby national parks

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  • Cape Le Grand National Park

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Nearby towns

  • Norseman

    Norseman is the last large town on the Eyre Highway for travellers heading east towards South Australia. Gold put Norseman on the map in the...more

  • Caiguna

    The small community of Caiguna, on the Nullarbor Plain, consists of a 24-hour roadhouse, caravan park, motel, restaurant and service...more

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In Town

Cultural Heritage Museum Learn about the crash-landing of Skylab, local Indigenous culture, early explorers, Afghan cameleers and other chapters in the area's history. Balladonia Roadhouse, Eyre Hwy.


90-Mile Straight Have your photo taken beside the signpost marking the western end of the longest straight stretch of road in Australia, which runs for 90 miles (146.6 km) between Balladonia and Caiguna. Begins 35 km E.

Newman Rocks: superb views from rocky outcrop, with picnic and camping areas on-site; 50 km W.

Cape Arid National Park and Israelite Bay: great birdwatching and fishing; access via 4WD track, south of town; check track conditions at roadhouse.

Cafes & restaurants around town

Balladonia Hotel Motel

On the long journey across the Nullarbor Plain, the Balladonia Hotel Motel is a welcome sight. Serving light meals or hearty fare, depending on your hunger levels, the food is substantial with meals like hamburgers,... Find out more

Campsites around town

Balladonia Roadhouse Caravan Park

There are caravan facilities and other accommodation options at this iconic roadhouse on the Eyre Hwy at Balladonia, 191 km east of Norseman. Claypans typical of the region can be photographed, along with old stone walls... Find out more

Deralinya Ruins camping area (bush camping) 81 km

Deralinya Ruins is 7 km west of Mt Ragged Track, a little west of Parmango Rd. Access is via a track 12.4 km south of the meeting of Balladonia Rd and Mt Ragged Track. Camping here is in woodland country that offers some... Find out more

Balbinya Ruins camping area (bush camping) 81 km

Balbinya Ruins bush-camping area is reached by an access track 12.4 km south of the junction of Mt Ragged Track and Balladonia Rd. There are no facilities in this open grassland area, where the best campsites are set... Find out more

Fraser Range Station 84 km

Fraser Range Station is 1.5 km south of the Eyre Hwy, 100 km east of Norseman. It offers weary travellers an unusual outback experience, with bushwalking, station tours, camping and other accommodation available.... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Fraser Range Station Caravan Park 85 km

This is a great find. Approximately 89 km north-west of Balladonia Roadhouse and some 100 km east of Norseman, the station caravan park is 2 km off the highway on a well-signposted good dirt road. The park has a number... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Balladonia Caravan Facility

Boasting a population of less than ten people, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a place to rest your head in Balladonia. The facility has powered and unpowered sites, dormitory accommodation and motel... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Afghan Rock rest area 5 km

5km E of Balladonia (L) or 176km W of Caiguna (R)

Well off the highway behind the parking bay.

Harms Lake rest area 27 km

164km E of Norseman (L) or 27km W of Balladonia (R)

Sheltered among trees just off the highway.

Woorlba rest area 47 km

50km E of Balladonia (R) or 131km W of Caiguna (L)

Secluded in scrub behind the parking bay.

Fraser Range Station camping area 85 km

T/O 103km E of Norseman (R) or 88km W of Balladonia (L)

Homestead camping area with all caravan park facilities. Located 1.5km (unsealed) south of the highway.

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