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The small community of Caiguna, on the Nullarbor Plain, consists of a 24-hour roadhouse, caravan park, motel, restaurant and service station. The nearest towns are Balladonia, 182 kilometres west, and Cocklebiddy, 65 kilometres east. To the south is the coastal wilderness of Nuytsland Nature Reserve. From immediately east of Caiguna until Border Village, locals operate on Central Western Time, 45 minutes ahead of the rest of Western Australia.

Visitor Information

Caiguna Roadhouse, Eyre Hwy; (08) 9039 3459

Nearby national parks

  • Cape Arid National Park

    Lying on Western Australia’s rugged south coast, Cape Arid National Park protects a stunning coastline of sweeping beaches rimmed by...more

Nearby towns

  • Cocklebiddy

    This tiny settlement, comprising a roadhouse with motel units, caravan sites and camping facilities, lies between Madura and Caiguna on the...more

  • Madura

    Madura, comprising a roadhouse, motel and caravan park on the Eyre Highway, lies midway between Adelaide and Perth on the Nullarbor Plain....more

  • Balladonia

    Balladonia lies on the Eyre Highway on the western edge of the Nullarbor Plain. Its closest towns are Norseman, 174 kilometres to the west,...more


John Baxter Memorial In 1841, the explorer John Baxter, together with an Aboriginal guide known as Wylie and 2 other unnamed Aboriginal men, accompanied Edward John Eyre on his epic journey across the Nullarbor Plain. The party left Fowlers Bay in SA on 25 Feb and reached the site of modern-day Eucla on 12 Mar. Later, the 2 unnamed Aboriginal men killed Baxter and, taking most of the supplies, fled into the desert. Eyre and Wylie walked for another month and eventually reached Thistle Cove (near Esperance), where they were rescued by a French whaler. The Baxter memorial is on the Baxter Cliffs overlooking the Great Australian Bight; 4WD access only. 38 km S.

90-Mile Straight: have your photo taken beside the signpost marking the eastern end of the longest straight stretch of road in Australia, which runs for 90 miles (146.6 km) between Caiguna and a point east of Balladonia; 4 km W.

Caiguna Blowhole: a hole in the flat limestone landscape where the earth seemingly breathes in and out; 5 km W.

Campsites around town

Caiguna Roadhouse Caravan Park

This roadhouse with caravan park facilities but no firewood is on the Eyre Hwy at Caiguna, 181 km east of Balladonia. Between Balladonia and Caiguna is the 90 Mile Straight, the longest stretch of straight road in... Find out more

Cocklebiddy Roadhouse Caravan Park 64 km

Cocklebiddy Roadhouse has accommodation and caravan park facilities for visitors travelling along the Eyre Hwy, 66 km east of Caiguna. If you have a 4WD, take a detour to experience the pristine beauty of Nuytsland... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

John Eyre Motel

After travelling along the lonely highway the John Eyre Motel will seem like the Ritz. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but the motel rooms are comfortable and the roadhouse is open 24 hours. There is also a caravan park... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Domblegabby rest area 39 km

141km E of Balladonia (R) or 40km W of Caiguna (L)

Surrounded by low scrub at a tank site well off the highway.

Baxter rest area 66 km

114km E of Balladonia (R) or 67km W of Caiguna (L)

Secluded among trees just off the highway.

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