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Eucla is the largest settlement on the Nullarbor Plain, located just near the South Australian border. The ruins of a telegraph station exist at the original townsite and beyond the ruins are the remains of a jetty, a reminder of pioneering days when supplies were transported by boat. Eucla is today located on the Hampton Tableland and operates on Central Western Time, 45 minutes ahead of the rest of Western Australia.

Visitor Information

Eucla Motel, Eyre Hwy; (08) 9039 3468

Nearby national parks

  • Nullarbor National Park

    Declared in 1979, the huge Nullarbor National Park is a 50-kilometre by 200-kilometre strip of the famous Nullarbor Plain, stretching from...more

Nearby towns

  • Madura

    Madura, comprising a roadhouse, motel and caravan park on the Eyre Highway, lies midway between Adelaide and Perth on the Nullarbor Plain....more

In Town

Telegraph station ruins Opened in 1877 (just 33 years after Samuel Morse invented the telegraph), the Eucla Telegraph Station helped link WA with the rest of Australia and the world, often sending over 20 000 messages a year. The first message, sent to Perth in December 1877, stated simply, 'Eucla line opened. Hurrah.' 4 km S.

Eucla Museum: local history, including exhibits of the telegraph station, told through newspaper clippings and old photographs; Eucla Motel.

Travellers' Cross: dedicated to travellers and illuminated at night; on the escarpment, west of town.

Bureau of Meteorology: visitors welcome; east of town; (08) 9039 3444.

9-hole golf course: site of the Golf Classic in May; north of town.


Eucla National Park This small park extends between Eucla and Border Village. On the coast near the SA border is Wilsons Bluff Lookout, with views to the east following the Bunda Cliffs into the distance. Closer to Eucla are the enormous sculptural shapes of the Delisser Sandhills. Mark your footprints in the dunes.

Border Village: quarantine checkpoint for people entering WA (travellers should ensure they are not carrying fruit, vegetables, honey, used fruit and produce containers, plants or seeds). The Border Dash starts here every Oct; 13 km E.

Cafes & restaurants around town

Campsites around town

Eucla Pass Caravan Park

These welcome caravan park facilities are on the Eyre Hwy at Eucla, 66 km east of Mundrabilla Roadhouse and 12 km west of the WA–SA border. Eucla was once home to the busiest telegraph station in Australia outside... Find out more

Mundrabilla Roadhouse 64 km

Firewood is supplied at this roadhouse with caravan park facilities on the Eyre Hwy, 116 km east of Madura and 66 km west of Eucla. Take a detour to the tablelands above Mundrabilla for excellent views of the plains... Find out more

Highway camping area (bush camping) 87 km

Along the Eyre Hwy between the Nullarbor Roadhouse and Border Village there are several roadside bays in the scrub for overnight-only bush camping. Dogs on leads are allowed.... Find out more

Koonalda Homestead camping area 96 km

The access track to this no-frills camping area near the homestead is off the Eyre Hwy, 100 km west of the Nullarbor Roadhouse and 90 km east of Border Village. The old homestead and outbuildings, built mainly from... Find out more

Forrest camping area 118 km

A refuelling location for aircraft, Forrest is 126 km north of the Eyre Hwy on the Transcontinental Railway Access Rd, via the 4WD Forrest–Mundrabilla Rd. Camping is permitted near the old weather station, which... Find out more

Madura Pass Motel 178 km

This roadhouse with caravan park facilities is on the Eyre Hwy at Madura, 92 km east of Cocklebiddy. Bring firewood. A road opposite the Madura Roadhouse leads to a number of small blowholes; ask at the roadhouse for... Find out more

Gilgerabbie Hut camping area 181 km

This camping area for self-sufficient campers is 12 km west of the Nullabor Roadhouse on an access track south of Eyre Hwy. The nearby Gilgerabbie Hut is a former outstation for local shepherds, and can be rented.... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Eucla Caravan Park

One of the better parks on the Nullarbor, this establishment is laid out on white gravel on top of a ridge, with a view over the sand dunes to the south. It is a short stroll from the park to the roadhouse, where there... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Eucla Amber Motor Hotel

Just 12 kilometres from the South Australian border, and within the small community of Eucla, the Eucla Amber Motor Hotel has hotel rooms and a caravan park. In the hotel there’s a choice of air-conditioned double... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Border East rest area 21 km

9km E of Border Village (R) or 176km W of Nullarbor (L)

Secluded area in the scrub.

Scenic Lookout No. 1 rest area 24 km

13km E of Border Village (R) or 172km W of Nullarbor (L)

Just off the highway at the lookout.

Scenic Lookout No. 2 rest area 27 km

17km E of Border Village (R) or 168km W of Nullarbor (L)

Just off the highway at the lookout.

Jillah Rockhole rest area 74 km

106km E of Madura (L) or 9km W of Mundrabilla (R)

Secluded in scrub well off the highway.

Scenic Lookout No. 3 rest area 85 km

75km E of Border Village (R) or 110km W of Nullarbor (L)

Just off the highway at the lookout.

Koonalda rest area 95 km

85km E of Border Village (R) or 100km W of Nullarbor (L)

Secluded in the bush just off the highway.

Boolaboola rest area 118 km

61km E of Madura (R) or 54km W of Mundrabilla (L)

Well off the highway among trees.

Carlabeencabba Rockhole rest area 132 km

47km E of Madura (R) or 68km W of Mundrabilla (L)

Well off the highway behind the parking bay.

Scenic Lookout No. 4 rest area 142 km

108km E of Border Village (R) or 77km W of Nullarbor (L)

Just off the highway at the lookout.

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