Population 584

Nearby national parks

  • Fitzgerald River National Park

    Lying between Bremer Bay and Hopetoun on the south coast of Western Australia, Fitzgerald River National Park is renowned as one of the most...more

  • Stokes National Park

    This national park, an hour’s drive west of Esperance on Western Australia’s southern coast, protects Stokes Inlet and its...more

  • Stirling Range National Park

    Surrounded by a flat, sandy plain, the Stirling Range rises abruptly to over 1000 metres, its jagged peaks sometimes veiled in swirling...more

Campsites around town

Hamersley Inlet camping area 20 km

Hamersley Inlet camping area on the east side of Fitzgerald River National Park is on Hamersley Inlet Rd off Hamersley Dr, 23 km west of Hopetoun. With basic facilities in a coastal environment, it is popular with... Find out more

Shire Reserve camping area 20 km

Shire Reserve camping area is within Fitzgerald River National Park on Hamersley Inlet Rd, off Hamersley Dr, 26 km west of Hopetoun. This secluded area has basic facilities and shady campsites on the water’s edge,... Find out more

Quoin Head camping area 29 km

Quoin Head camping area is on Telegraph Track off Hamersley Dr, 45 km west of Hopetoun, on the east side of Fitzgerald River National Park. It has basic facilities close to the foreshore. The steep access track is open... Find out more

Mason Bay camping area 29 km

Mason Bay camping area is 34 km east of Hopetoun on Mason Bay Rd, 3.8 km south of the Southern Ocean Rd. It has campsites close to the beach in a large, shaded area, sheltered by coastal vegetation. And a very nice beach... Find out more

Starvation Boat Harbour camping area 40 km

This foreshore camping area is on a protected bay 50 km east of Hopetoun via Southern Ocean Dr, 8 km east of Mason Bay. The large camping area is sheltered by coastal vegetation, providing plenty of shade for campers.... Find out more

Fitzgerald Inlet camping area 49 km

On Fitzgerald River Track, 20 km east of Pabelup Rd and 80 km north-east of Bremer Bay, this large, open clearing is around 2 km from the beach on the west side of Fitzgerald River National Park. It has basic facilities... Find out more

St Marys Inlet camping area 56 km

St Marys Inlet camping area has basic facilities in a coastal setting on Point Ann Rd, off Pabelup Dr, 67 km north of Bremer Bay on the west side of Fitzgerald River National Park. Fishing and swimming are the main... Find out more

Munglinup Beach camping area 60 km

Munglinup Beach camping area is part of a caravan park facility 32 km south of Munglinup via Munglinup Beach Rd, off Springdale Rd. To get to Springdale Rd, take either Fuss Rd east of Munglinup or Doyal Rd to the west;... Find out more

Gordon Inlet camping area 71 km

Estuarine Gordon Inlet sits on the mouth of the Gairdner River, which discharges about 9 400 000 cubic metres of water per annum. The estuary is transient and quite shallow, and salinity levels can be 4 times higher than... Find out more

House Beach camping area 72 km

House Beach camping area is 43 km north-east of Bremer Bay via Gordon Inlet Rd, off Gairdner Rd. It offers secluded beach camping in a popular fishing and swimming spot. There are no facilities here so campers need to be... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Hopetoun Caravan Park

This is an informal beachside park in the small coastal community of Hopetoun, with basic beachside caravan park amenities. It is situated on the coastal fringe with a path leading to the beach and is just a 400-metre... Find out more

Bremer Bay Caravan Park 84 km

This is a large park in a popular holiday destination across the road from the water. Bookings are required in peak periods and minimum-length stay applies at these times. Pets are allowed out of season.... Find out more

Bremer Bay Beaches Resort and Tourist Park 87 km

This park has improved greatly since our last visit and now has a coffee shop that serves a range of delightful food. The park is located 3 km from Bremer Bay township but is closer to the boat harbour and the... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Ravensthorpe East rest area 42 km

6km E of Ravensthorpe (R) or 182km W of Esperance (L)

Just off the highway among some trees.

Meridian rest area 43 km

110km NE of Jerramungup (R) or 4km W of Ravensthorpe (L)

Large area just off the highway among some trees. Limited shade.

Munglinup rest area 73 km

At Munglinup

Just off the highway and opposite the roadhouse.

Fitzgerald River rest area 82 km

34km NE of Jerramungup (L) or 80km SW of Ravensthorpe (R)

Just off the highway among some trees.

Young River rest area 88 km

99km E of Ravensthorpe (L) or 89km W of Esperance (R)

Just off the highway near the tree line.

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