King George Sound

King George Sound, or the Sound, is a large, deep-water harbour surrounded by magnificently coloured granite hills and splendid beaches. An old whaling station is situated near the mouth of the harbour and it was here that the bodies of speared whales were moored. Today you can only wonder at how all this bloodletting could have occurred in such a beautiful place. There are boat ramps at Whalers Beach and south of the whaling station, from which you can launch into Frenchman Bay. It’s a beautiful paddle around to Misery Beach under the dramatic, tall cliffs of the Flinders Peninsula. North of here, past the town of Albany, you’ll find enormous opportunities for kayaking around Oyster Bay. The Sound offers Oyster Bay protection from ocean swells, so you’re likely to find a place that’s sheltered or that will suit whatever condition you want to paddle in. Further east, there is also good paddling in Two Peoples Bay.

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