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Population 506

This small but thriving fishing town was established in 1962 and named after the American whaling ship Cervantes, which sank off the coast in 1844. The town's fishing fleet nearly doubles in rock lobster season, and in spring the town is surrounded by spectacular displays of wildflowers with vistas of wattles stretching from horizon to horizon. Not far from Cervantes is one of Australia's best known landscapes, the Pinnacles Desert, lying at the heart of Nambung National Park.

Visitor Information

Pinnacles Visitor Centre, Cadiz St; (08) 9652 7672 or 1800 610 660


Nearby national parks

  • Nambung National Park

    The unique attraction of Nambung National Park is the strange mysterious landscape, created by thousands of huge limestone pillars rising up...more

  • Yanchep National Park

    Just a 45-minute drive from Perth, Yanchep is one of Western Australia’s oldest national parks. Lying on a belt of coastal limestone,...more

  • Avon Valley National Park

    The Avon River runs through the centre of this national park, not far from Perth and once occupied by the Nyoongar people of the Darling...more

Nearby towns

  • Jurien Bay

    Jurien Bay, settled in the mid-1850s, is the centre of a lobster fishing industry. The jetty was constructed in 1885 to enable a more...more

  • Moora

    On the banks of the Moore River, Moora is the largest town between Perth and Geraldton. The area in its virgin state was a large salmon gum...more

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In Town

Pinnacle Wildflowers: displays of native WA flora, dried flower arrangements, souvenirs. Flowers are visible year-round, but at their peak in Aug and Sept; Bradley Loop.

Thirsty Point: lookout has superb views of the bay and Cervantes islands. A trail connects the lookouts between Thirsty Point and Hansen Bay. Popular in wildflower season; off Seville St.


Nambung National Park In the Pinnacles Desert, thousands of limestone pillars rise out of a stark landscape of yellow sand. The park allows day visits only; tours departing morning and sunset can be arranged at the visitor centre. 17 km S.

Lake Thetis Stromatolites: one of WA's 6 known locations of stromatolites, the oldest living organism on earth; 5 km S.

Kangaroo Point: good picnic spot; 9 km S.

Hangover Bay: a stunning white sandy beach ideal for swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing and surfing; 13 km S.

Eco-friendly activities around town

Snorkelling and diving around Jurien Bay and Geraldton 21 km

You can snorkel face-to-face with sea-lions in Jurien Bay Marine Park, or join a boat tour to see them up close. Jurien Charters in Jurien Bay also offers diving on rock walls with lionfish, butterflyfish and wrasse.... Find out more

Cafes & restaurants around town

Ronsard Bay Tavern

Experience authentic Australian outback charm at the Ronsard Bay Tavern. Located at the gateway to Pinnacles, the rammed-earth tavern serves fresh food in friendly surroundings. It’s known for serving crayfish when... Find out more

The Europa Anchor Restaurant

Housed within the Cervantes Pinnacles Motel, the Europa Anchor Restaurant specialises in local seafood, especially rock lobster and dhufish. The restaurant is fully licensed with a range of Western Australian wines, and... Find out more

Campsites around town

Jurien Bay Caravan Park 21 km

A haven for anglers, divers, snorkellers, surfers and boaters, Jurien Bay is around 266 km north of Perth. The beaches here are sheltered and pristine, thanks to loads of reefs and offshore islands that protect this part... Find out more

Pioneer Park 64 km

Basic caravan park facilities are offered here in Dandaragan, a small town in the wheat-belt district that boasts lush pastures and golden crops, 180 km north of Perth. The characteristic red and white gums and a... Find out more

Lake Indoon camping area 70 km

This large, freshwater lake covers 130 ha, with a depth varying from 1.5 m to 5 m depending on the seasons and rainfall. The lake is on the Brand Hwy, 12 km west of Eneabba. The birdlife is abundant and kangaroos and... Find out more

Shire of Moora Caravan Park 91 km

On the Moore River in the Midlands district, about 180 km north of Perth, the town of Moora is at the centre of a mixed farming area of primarily wheat, wool and cattle. The main attractions here are the wildflowers... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Pinnacles Caravan Park

This is a popular beachside holiday park near the Pinnacles. Fishing and windsurfing are the most popular pastimes along this section of coast. Bookings are required in peak times.... Find out more

Jurien Bay Tourist Park 22 km

This beachside park is in the centre of town, adjoining the jetty. There are good facilities and the park shop has an extensive range of takeaway food. This is a popular fishing area. Bookings are required in peak... Find out more

Ledge Point Holiday Park 74 km

This park is just a few years old. It has the latest facilities and will be a great asset to the area. There is an internet cafe and bookings are essential in busy times. A minimum-length stay applies during peak... Find out more

Western Flora Caravan Park 98 km

Located 22 km north of Eneabba, time a visit to this park during the wildflower season when more than 300 varieties of stunning flowering plants can be viewed on the property and more than 2000 varieties within 40 km of... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Cervantes Pinnacles Motel

Just a few kilometres from the ancient Pinnacles, the Cervantes Pinnacles Motel offers a choice of comfortable motel rooms, four family suites and deluxe rooms including a kitchenette. The motel is conveniently close to... Find out more

Pinnacles Caravan Park

With the Pinnacles just a few minutes away, the pristine beachfront Pinnacles Caravan Park is the ideal seaside holiday spot. The self-contained cabins are well appointed, and the camp and caravan park has shady and... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Tuart Reserve Park Area 11 km

T/O 51 km S of Eneabba (R) or 23 km N of Badgingarra (L)

Small secluded area surrounded by scrub 51 kilometres off the highway via Jurien Road, Munbinea Road and Cervantes Road. Good shade.

Banksia Reserve Park Area 16 km

T/O 51 km S of Eneabba (R) or 23 km N of Badgingarra (L)

Small secluded area located 46 kilometres off the highway in the scrub via Jurien Road, Munbinea Road and Cervantes Road. Limited shade.

Hakea Reserve rest area 26 km

T/O 13km S of Badgingarra (R) or 62km N of Regans Ford (L)

Off Bibby Rd, 14km west of the highway and near the wind farm.

Wandoo Reserve rest area 34 km

T/O 51km S of Eneabba (R) or 23km N of Badgingarra (L)

On Jurien Rd, 16km west of the highway.

Drummonds Reserve rest area 35 km

T/O 13km S of Badgingarra (R) or 62km N of Regans Ford (L)

In scrub off Bibby Rd, 5km west of the highway.

Smoke Bush Reserve rest area 37 km

T/O 51km S of Eneabba (R) or 23km N of Badgingarra (L)

On Jurien Rd, 10km west of the highway.

Coomaloo Creek park area 44 km

51km S of Eneabba (R) or 23km N of Badgingarra (L)

Well off the highway among trees at the turn-off to Jurien Bay.

Regans Ford park area 82 km

At Regans Ford

Just off the highway under shady trees. Opposite the roadhouse.

Information Bay rest area 83 km

3km S of Regans Ford (R) or 45km N of Gingin (L)

Secluded behind trees just off the highway.

Nature Trail rest area 90 km

11km S of Regans Ford (R) or 37km N of Gingin (L)

Secluded behind trees just off the highway.

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