Snorkelling and diving around Jurien Bay and Geraldton

You can snorkel face-to-face with sea-lions in Jurien Bay Marine Park, or join a boat tour to see them up close. Jurien Charters in Jurien Bay also offers diving on rock walls with lionfish, butterflyfish and wrasse. Sealion Charters operates out of Green Head, and guarantees interaction with the sea-lions. Jurien Bay Charter 'n Dive will take you out to explore the marine park. 

In Geraldton, the Batavia Coast Dive Academy will set you up with gear for snorkelling and diving, and point you in the direction of snorkelling spots at Drummonds Beach or shore dives at Point Moore. The company also has plenty of boat dives available, including to the beautiful coral reefs of the Abrolhos Islands.

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Jurien Charters: (08) 9652 1109

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