Piccaninny Gorge Walk - Purnululu National Park

The Kimberley is not often linked with great walking tracks, but the Bungle Bungles have some excellent short trips to locations like Echidna Chasm and Cathedral Gorge, as well as one of the state’s best overnight hikes. Piccaninny Gorge Walk is a two-day walk and goes via the Elbow (a bend in the creek), around 7 kilometres from the Cathedral Gorge carpark to Piccaninny Gorge. Set up camp in the gorge and the next day head further into The Fingers section. The creek shoots off into several side gorges and climbs reach 200 metres. Inside is a world of palm-rimmed waterholes and polished-pebble creek beds.

DEC, Kununurra (08) 9168 4200.

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