Piccaninny Gorge camping area

Camping fee Day use fee Fire prohibited No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Ranger Hiking trails Lookout

If you are an experienced and self-sufficient camper, go camping along the Piccaninny Gorge walking trail; a 30 km return walk of moderate to difficult standard, where the deeper you go the more spectacular it gets. Register at the visitor centre before you head off, and carry a gas/fuel stove and drinking water with you.


Who to contact: DEC Kimberley, Kununurra (08) 9168 4200 How to book: online bookings www.dec.wa.gov.au/campgrounds for Kurrajong camping area, Walardi camping area

This campsite is located in Purnululu National Park

The Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park is one of the most imposing landmarks in WA. The orange and black stripes across the beehive-like mounds, encased in a skin of silica and algae, are clearly visible as you approach from the south by air. As you sweep further over the range, a hidden world of gorges, creeks and pools is revealed, with fan palms clinging precariously to walls and crevices in the rocks. The park is open Apr–15 Dec (weather permitting); check with DEC at Kununurra before you travel. The park is accessible to 4WD vehicles only; there is no access for caravans due to road conditions, but off-road camper trailers are permitted.

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