Eco Beach

Two queenfish caught at Eco Beach, Steve Cooper

Cyclone Rosita wiped out Eco Beach resort, about 130 km south of Broome, several years ago. It reopened for business in 2009. I fished here before the cyclone with guides Dan O’Sullivan and Greg ‘Patches’ Fiorenza. These men had built Eco Beach Fishing into an offshore/onshore guiding business that had few peers for what it could offer, both in terms of tuition and piscatorial excitement. The remote location is a bonus.

On consecutive days fishing three-hour sessions, I caught at least half a dozen barramundi, mangrove jack and flathead. One isolated creek, called Jacks Creek, produced barramundi on every cast. They weren’t huge fish, but averaging about 3–4 kg on light tackle they were a lot of fun.

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