Indigenous tours - Carnarvon and Burrup Peninsula

With an Outback Coast Safaris Aboriginal heritage or dreaming tour you can learn about the Indigenous culture of the Gascoyne region. You will sample bush tucker and bush medicine, watch your guide hunting for lunch, and listen to stories of the Dreamtime. The Carnarvon-based company also runs overnight tours wider afield, including to Mount Augustus.

On the Burrup Peninsula, those with time to explore can view the most extensive art gallery in Australia, with thousands of petroglyphs estimated to be 6000 to 20 000 years old. This incredibly important site near Karratha, irrevocably changed by industrial developments in the area, is poorly marked and signposted, and its past and future management is controversial. You could spend hours looking at the many different markings here, which include animals such as thylacines (extinct on mainland Australia for 3000 years), spirit figures, tools and humans. There are very occasional tours of the area, but mostly you will just experience this extraordinary place on your own.

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