Shark Bay

Features in the water as well as on the shore have lead to Shark Bay’s World Heritage listing. Below Shark Bay’s surface, 4000 square kilometres of seagrass meadows provide food and sanctuary for rare dugongs, nature’s only vegetarian sea mammal. Around 10 000 dugongs live here, ten per cent of the world’s total population. They share the bay with 320 fish species, turtles, dolphins, migrating whales, whale sharks and the eponymous tiger sharks. You can see a few friendly wild dolphins being fed each day at Monkey Mia, and arrange a tour to see dugongs at Denham. At Hamelin Pool in the south, a boardwalk provides close-up views of the rock-like stromatolites that grow in the hypersaline waters. These colonies of micro-organisms are around 3000 years old, and provide a link to the oldest and simplest forms of life on earth, dating back around 3.5 million years.

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