Western Australian wildflowers

There are at least 12 000 plant species found in Western Australia, and around 8000 of these are found in a rough triangle between Kalbarri, Esperance and the west coast, a region considered one of 25 biodiversity hotspots on the planet. There are several reasons for this richness, one being that the state’s geography has been relatively stable for 250 million years, hence the upthrust of mountains and other natural events have not interfered with evolution. The area around Perth and Geraldton is famous for fields of papery yellow, pink and white everlastings. North of Geraldton, Kalbarri National Park has around 1000 species; its heathlands bloom with red and green kangaroo-paw, banksias, grevilleas, featherflowers, smokebushes, starflowers and several species endemic to the area. Fitzgerald River and Stirling Range national parks in the south also have an amazing array of wildflowers.

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