Monkey Mia dolphin interaction

You stand peering out over the expanse of perfect, green sea stretching in front of you. Suddenly, the unmistakeable curve of a dolphin leaps out of the water. Everyone gasps. The kids grip your hands with excitement. The ranger starts her commentary, but no-one pays attention. All eyes are focused on those beautiful, wild creatures gliding and leaping closer and closer… In moments, the dolphins are nosing playfully in the shallows around the ranger, only a metre away from you. As one of them lifts its head out of the water, you snap a photo of that endearing dolphin smile.

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Department of Environment and Conservation Dolphin Information Centre; (08) 9948 1366

Every morning

Don't Miss

■ The scene from the jetty, where you get a good, relaxed view of the dolphin interaction. Come back another morning and watch.

■ The other wonderful marine creatures that live in Shark Bay Marine Park. You can take a cruise to see more of them.
■ The Monkey Mia Walk Trail (Wulyibidi yaninyina) from the visitor centre. This is a 1.5-kilometre natural and cultural history discovery trail.

Fabulous Facts

Monkey Mia is one of the few places in the world where tourists can meet wild dolphins every single day. The dolphins who visit Monkey Mia are bottlenose dolphins. Did you know that bottlenose dolphins are actually small whales? Like other whales, they have blowholes on top of their heads for breathing. They are mammals, and even though they live in water, they have to keep coming to the surface to get air.

Insider Tips

■ Monkey Mia is accessible by sealed road.

■ There is a Dolphin Information Centre on the beach with an interpretive display about dolphins and the area.
■ Dolphin visiting times vary. Ring the information centre for an update on the first feed time in the morning – usually the most reliable time to see the dolphins – and be there at least 15 minutes before to ensure a good viewing position.
■ During the morning, the dolphins may visit again, so stay and play on the beach.
■ A few people from the watching crowd might be asked to help feed the dolphins. If you are lucky, someone in your family will be chosen. If you hang around for one of the later feeds, you have a better chance, as there are usually fewer people then.
■ Don’t put sunscreen on your lower legs or hands before entering the Dolphin Interaction Zone – it can wash off in the water and sting the dolphins’ eyes.
■ The rangers make sure nobody touches or feeds the dolphins without permission.
■ Monkey Mia has public facilities, such as barbecues, toilets, drinking water and a kiosk.
■ You can stay at Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.

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