Steep Point

One of the most highly regarded destinations for land-based gamefishing is Steep Point. Anglers fishing here catch huge mackerel, trevally, tuna and even sailfish from the rugged cliffs. It is a specialised sport requiring unique techniques and tackle. Baits are floated several hundred metres offshore using helium balloons. Special gaffs are used to haul fish up the cliffs.

Even getting to Steep Point can be arduous. It is about 180 km from the North West Coastal Highway. About 115 km of the trip is on formed but unsealed road and the last 25 km over soft sand. Vehicles need 4WD with high clearance and tyre pressures need to be reduced to avoid getting bogged.

Boat-based fishing is popular around Steep Point and many people launch from Shelter Bay to fish inside South Passage or outside along the Zuytdorp Cliffs and Dirk Hartog Island. Fish caught here include Spanish mackerel, tailor to 6 kg, sailfish, tuna, cobia, mulloway, snapper and bluebone. Beach- based anglers catch whiting, tailor, flathead and trevally in Francois Peron National Park and other areas around Peron Peninsula.

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