Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison, Fremantle, Mike Langford / Auscape International

The first convicts arrived in Fremantle in 1850. Built with their own hands, this complex of buildings was initially used as a barracks and became a prison in 1867. Huge, forbidding and full of history, it was in use until 1991. Now visitors can experience the atmosphere on a guided tour, running every half-hour and taking in the isolation chamber and the gallows. The entrance can be reached via steps and a walkway around Fremantle Oval from Parry Street. 1 The Terrace; (08) 9336 9200; open 10am–5pm daily; Tunnels Tours daily and Torchlight Tours Wed and Fri (bookings essential).

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Fremantle Prison

If only the walls of this forbidding Fremantle landmark could talk.


Touring the forbidding Fremantle Prison

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