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Imagine your whole family working together in an exciting race, pulling levers, pushing buttons and pumping pedals to manipulate a pile of balls up, down and around a track. Will your team be able to  do it faster than another family? The Scitech team has created interactive exhibits that offer all the fun and adventure of a theme park, while at the same time teaching scientific principles. As you play the Up and Down race with balls, you will all be learning about gravity, levers, pulleys, wheels, and potential and kinetic energy.

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City West Building

Sutherland St, West Perth; (08) 9215 0700

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■ Discoverland, ideal for children under the age of 7 years. Kids can dress in sea-creature costumes, crawl into a bubble in the middle of an aquarium to find out about underwater life, or spy on you with a periscope to learn about mirrors and refracted light.

■ The live science shows included in your entry, aimed at children aged 7 years and over. You might find out how we learn to think, or what chemistry is lurking in everyday things such as food and cars. Check performance times and topics when you arrive.
■ The puppet shows for children aged 3–7 years. These interactive shows, included in your entry fee, introduce science through storytelling. Kids might meet shadow puppet dinosaurs or learn how to look after a pet. Check performance times and topics when you arrive.
■ The red-and-white striped whispering dishes that let you whisper messages from one end of the floor to the other.
■ Horizon – the planetarium, which offers stunning and realistic multimedia presentations about the universe on an 18-metre domed screen. The minimum age is 4 years.

Fabulous Facts

Scitech has hosted the Junior Western Australian Robocup for primary and secondary school students  several times. In this competition, teams of students have to design and build robots that can dance to music, play a game of 2-on-2 soccer, or negotiate challenging obstacles to perform a rescue.

Insider Tips

■ Allow at least two to three hours to participate in all the activities at Scitech.

■ There is free two-hour parking in the area, but if you want to park for longer ask at the Scitech front  desk for a permit.
■ Scitech exhibits are changed every few months for new exciting and educational challenges, so some of the activities described here may have been replaced.
■ There is a kid-friendly cafe on site.

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