Caving - Southern Western Australia

Six limestone caves in the Capes region are open to the public and there are self-guided and adventure-caving options. Jewel Cave is the largest of Western Australia’s tourist caves and has beautiful formations including a ‘frozen’ waterfall and one of the world’s longest straw stalactites. Lake Cave is also stunning, with formations reflected in a beautiful underground lake. If there, spend some time at CaveWorks, which is an interesting interpretive centre.

Ngilgi Cave has the most exciting cave tours for novices. If you are over 15, and prepared to get a bit dirty and squeeze through tight gaps underground, you can join the Crystal Crawl Tour or the Ultimate Ngilgi Adventure, accessing some of the deepest, most beautiful, and hardto- reach spots in the cave system. For the less adventurous, there are other options, including a tour conducted by candle and torch light.

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Leeuwin–Naturaliste National Park/CALM Busselton: (08) 9752 1677

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