Peel and Geographe

On the way to Margaret River from Perth, you might consider visiting the Peel wine region around the town of Mandurah, or Geographe next door. Peel Estate (290 Fletcher Rd, Karnup, (08) 9524 1221) produces one of Australia’s best shiraz wines. In Geographe, Capel Vale (Lot 5, Stirling Estate, Mallokup Rd, Capel, (08) 9727 1986) is also known for shiraz that packs a punch and riesling (made from grapes grown elsewhere). Hackersley (Ferguson Rd, Dardanup, (08) 9384 6247) and Willow Bridge Estate (Dardin Court Dr, Dardanup, (08) 9728 0055) are other wineries to visit.

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