Limestone caves – Leeuwin–Naturaliste National Park

The Leeuwin–Naturaliste Ridge that runs up this coast is pockmarked with 360 limestone caves, some of which are open to the public. For the Wardandi people, these limestone caves have a special significance: they provide a passage to the afterlife and are the domain of sea gods. South of Margaret River is Mammoth Cave, where the fossil remains of prehistoric animals have been unearthed. A few kilometres further is the beautiful Lake Cave with a reflective lake; here you’ll also find CaveWorks, with displays on the geology of the caves. North of Augusta, Jewel Cave contains the longest straw stalactite found in any cave open to the public. Near Yallingup, Ngilgi Cave has amazing stalactite, stalagmite and shawl formations. Other caves can be accessed by adventurers.

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