Valley of the Giants

You feel as if you are entering the forest of a fairytale. Tingle trees tower up to the sky like real giants. Some of them even seem to have legs where the massive, gnarled trunks are hollowed out. The kids run forward, enchanted. All sorts of fairytale creatures might dwell inside these hollows. You tilt your neck back and stare at the slender steel bridges winding high above. You can see tiny figures of people moving along the famous treetop walk.

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Walpole–Nornalup National Park, Valley of the Giants Rd, Nornalup; (08) 9840 8263

Don't Miss

■ The treetop walk. This 600-metre walk rises a height of 40 metres into the canopy of the tingle forest. It is safe for little people to walk along, but bigger people may find it daunting as you can see through the mesh floor, and it sways slightly!

■ The free guided walks into the Ancient Empire. Check if any are available when you are there.
■ The tiny finches and fairy wrens. From the treetop walk, stand still and look carefully among the branches of the lower storey trees. Usually, the birds are a drab colour, but in spring the males develop brightly coloured plumes. They are most active before 10am and after 4pm.

Fabulous Facts

This area is the only place in the world where tingle trees grow. They are a special type of eucalypt, with a shallow, spreading root system. As they age, they develop buttresses that provide support and increase their ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. They can reach a height of 75 metres, live over 400 years and achieve a base circumference of up to 20 metres.

Insider Tips

■ The trail on the forest floor is called the Ancient Empire Walk.

■ Be careful not to touch the sword grass – it is as sharp as the name suggests.
■ The carpark near the visitor centre has picnic facilities and toilets.
■ There is no cafe, but you can buy small snacks and coffee.
■ The treetop walk was built with a minimum of equipment to avoid damaging the trees.
■ If you notice an unusual scent, it is probably the smell of the karri wattle.
■ The valley is accessible by sealed road, so don’t follow one of the dirt tracks by mistake.

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