Yalgorup National Park

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Lake Clifton, Yalgorup National Park, Michael Maconachie / Auscape International


Located just south of Mandurah in a long, narrow strip between the Old Coast Road and the Indian Ocean, and protecting a wetland system formed around ten coastal lakes, Yalgorup National Park has achieved international recognition (it has been placed on the Ramsar List) as an important habitat for migratory waterbirds. It is also one of the few places in Western Australia where living thrombolites are found. These rock-like structures built by micro-organisms resembling the earliest forms of life on Earth, and looking like a series of limestone boulders, lie on the eastern shores of Lake Clifton, one of the largest lakes in the park. The extraordinary life forms are extremely fragile and can only be viewed from an observation walkway.

Yalgorup is a haven for birdwatchers; native waterbirds are present in large numbers along with those that migrate annually from the Northern Hemisphere. The latter include waders such as the red knot, which breeds around the Artic Circle, the bar-tailed godwit, red-necked stint, greenshank, whimbrel and three species of sandpipers. Other waterbirds include the musk duck, Pacific black duck, banded and black-winged stilts, hooded and red-capped plovers and the red-necked avocet. A bird hide has been constructed on the edges of Lake Pollard.

Tuart woodlands provide shade and peppermint trees flourish, providing a natural canopy over the campsite at Martins Tank Lake. Haywood Lake has a picnic site, and Lake Pollard and Lake Preston both offer easy nature walks. Other recreational activities include canoeing, boating and waterskiing at Lake Preston. 

Fact file


Martins Tank Lake

Location and access

50 km south of Mandurah via Old Coast Rd (just past Dawesville Channel)

Park information

DEC Mandurah (08) 9303 7750


12  888 ha

Visitor information

Mandurah (08) 9550 3999  


Martins Tank camping area

Martins Tank camping area is arranged under a natural canopy of peppermint trees, 5 km from Preston Beach North Rd. Bring drinking water and firewood; Oct–Mar bring a gas/fuel stove as well, as a solid-fuel fire... Find out more

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